Featured: Rock Wall

When considering what type of material you’d like to use for your retaining wall project, we recommend rocks as being best choice for your needs. Surprisingly, most homeowners tend to think of blocks when considering a retaining wall, but a real rock retaining wall offers a few advantages that blocks do not…A block wall is a better option for a home that is trying to go for a more modern look. However, this does not negate rocks as being a good solution as well. Put simply, rocks look great anywhere. Blocks tend to be more specific in their applications.


Block Retaining Walls

We are able to utilize blocks for any landscaping project. Blocks can be a great option if you’re looking to build a wall on a more modern feeling landscape. They are also a great option to building a concrete retaining wall. Blocks can be used for areas with difficult access and they can make a great accent for any modern looking project. We carry manufacturers like:

  • RomanStack Ashlar
  • StackStone
  • CottageStone
  • ManorStone


Inviting pathways and entrances, functional yet beautiful walls and patios-let us create one for you. Stone structures add texture, stability and value to your landscape. From decorative stone rockeries to large structural retaining walls, we have the experience to do the job right.

Whether the wall you want is straight, curved, low or high, we’ll make sure the stones are placed for utmost beauty and strength. Our walls are installed with proper drainage and gravel backfill to ensure stability. We work with a wide variety of high quality concrete and natural stone materials.


Irrigation Systems

Professionally designed and installed irrigation systems conserve water usage and provide the ideal growing environment for your plants. Our irrigation services include:

  • Design and installation of new irrigation systems
  • Upgrade and renovation of existing irrigation systems

Irrigation service including winterization, spring start-up, and troubleshooting To ensure that your system is as efficient as possible, we use high efficiency spray nozzles. We also encourage the use of Smart Controllers, which measure rainfall, determine its effectiveness, and help eliminate over or under watering.


Have you considered installing a waterfall on your property? We’ve helped many of our customers engineer and build a beautiful looking waterscape as part of their landscaping project. We can help set up an entire wet waterfall solution for you. From the encasing of the waterfall to ensure it does not leak, to carefully engineering the waterflow for best results, we can set up a solution that works for you.